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HE'S BACK!! To announce the horror icon's return and reboot in a new television series for USA/SYFY. Open Road was asked to create a spot that would excite long time fans and intrigue viewers new to the exploits of the possessed killer doll.


  • Executive Producer: Lon Moeller
  • Art Director: James Choi
  • Supervising Producer: Asheley Hu Roe
  • Producers: Patrick Falvey | Mandy Mullarkey
  • Design: James Choi | Danny Garcia
  • 3D Lead: Danny Garcia | Adam Petke
  • Modeling & Animation: Danny Garcia
  • Text Animation: Andrew Zamora | Brian Calyore
  • 3D: Sebastian Hoppe | Danny Garcia | Adam Petke
  • Editing David Whiteside
  • Sound & Music: 'You're My Best Friend', Audiomachine - 'Victims Pile'
  • Writer: Laura Cryan



Our concept exploration led us all the way back to 1988 what better way to reintroduce Chucky than by taking him to where his legacy began - a toy store after dark.

Childs play 2019 7d
Chucky remake promo art 2


"Our first challenge, we needed to find an old toy store
- or build one."


Luckily we had a Chucky superfan on staff who
happened to have a Good Guy doll replica for us to
model from. Don't worry - we removed all sharp
objects before letting him out of the box.


Taking us back to the familiar toy store allowed us to
hide lots of Easter eggs. The horror superstar's
30-year legacy travels down the aisle with us,
before landing on the digital clock displaying "2021"
- the release date for the new TV series.


The "Playland" neon sign naturally became the
treatment for the Chucky and network logos.
The colorful fluorescent lights sinisterly glitched to
blood red.


The iconic box art for the "Good Guys" doll served as the inspiration for the rest of the typography.

Design Exploration

Now who wants to play?

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