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In this concept, Chucky is loose in a toy store after closing. Hidee-Ho, ha-ha-ha! Our design team built the toy aisle from the ground up in 3D, using both existing and customized models in C4D and Red Shift. Eagle-eyed fans will notice we modeled the toy store signage after the store from the opening of CHILD’S PLAY (1988), and that visible price tags on the shelves feature numerals corresponding with the years that various films in the CHILD'S PLAY/CHUCKY franchise were released.A slow, brooding camera move and layered lighting passes work together to build fear and anticipation before the sudden turnaround and reveal of our star. Chucky himself was digitally custom-modeled from a full-size replica of the doll. Nighttime footage behind the glass doors bathes him in a sinister shadow as he lifts his knife to show that this toy… is ready to play. The main title logo, end cards, and studio logos were built in 3D, and designed to continue the “toy store” feel and fluorescent lights motif.


  • Senior Art Director: James Choi
  • Supervising Producer: Asheley Hu Roe
  • Producers: Patrick Falvey | Mandy Mullarkey
  • Design: Danny Garcia | Ming Wang | Trevor Barton
  • Animator & Compositor: Danny Garcia
  • Text Animation: Andrew Zamora
  • 3D: Sebastian Hoppe | Danny Garcia | Adam Petke
  • Writer: Laura Cryan



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