December 18, 2020

Open Road's 'Judas and the Black Messiah' Trailer Featured as One of 2020's Great Trailers on Muse by Clio

Chosen by Nick Temple
Founder/Chief Creative Officer
Wild Card Creative Group

"Crushing combination of dialogue, sound design and music brilliantly melded into one. It would have been easier to cut on every beat, but the confidence to hold on certain shots is what defines this trailer for me—summed up in two: the smile and wave from Jesse Plemons to the look of consequence from Lakeith Stanfield. Truly special."

Chosen by Alex Battershall
Senior Editor

"Packs more energy and emotion into two minutes than most films manage in two hours. It's such a simple but effective trailer. So much is explained through looks and glances, you get the bare minimum of expository dialogue but still completely understand everything that is happening, which allows the music and chanting to capture the mood and tone perfectly."

Chosen by Lauri Brown
SVP Creative Advertising
Universal Pictures

"The start of the piece is simple, clean and pulls you in. The music is a great find. The signature musical riff is good, and overall the cue helps the story feel even more contemporary. Even though repeating a phrase or using a speech isn't new or groundbreaking, they make it particularly effective here. Nothing is trying too hard to push you in one direction. It's well done construction that lets the tension, and what looks like a great a performance, really build."


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