The Friendship Alliance ——  Trailer

For this piece, we worked backwards to come up with a viable concept. A comprehensive visual exploration helped to identify which direction we could see leading to the strongest version of this creative. From there, we mapped out the arc of the piece.This campaign drew upon themes of science and outer space found in the show, rotoscoping the cast together, creating a band dynamic as they pantomime playing various instruments against an intergalactic backdrop. The next phases required us to animate, scaling characters appropriately and creating fluid movement as we travel throughout the universe landscape.


  • Art Director: James Cho
  • Supervising Producer: Asheley Hu Roe
  • Producer: Bridget Paulson
  • Design: Shawn Lee, Jieyi Lee
  • Animation: Joseph Moon
  • llustration: Jieyi Lee
  • Writer: Laura Cryan
  • Sound: The Math Club


The Big Bang Theory Music Video

When life gives you a bunch of green screen footage and a chance to write a custom song for a music-driven syndication campaign celebrating 12 seasons of The Big bang Theory - make it awesome.

It all started with...

The concept began with a custom cue with original lyrics, written with the shoot footage in mind.

You might have heard about this show before. Now
we'll break it down using science. Sheldon, Leonard,
Raj, and Howard, that's the friendship
alliance. Sheldon knocks to the power of three for
some reason. Multiply that by twelve for twelve
awesome seasons. It all comes out to one incredible
series, The Big Bang's the best one of all the theories.

Signature IDs

"Our goal was to combine the aesthetic of a 2D painterly style with some much more immersive and dimensional."

The result: an intergalactic journey through a veritable periodic table of graphic elements.

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