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Need a campaign to launch a new show based on a classic literary icon? Open Road is on the case! We created the upfront trailer and multiple launch spots to welcome the new and edgy Nancy Drew. We pushed boundaries by creating a completely hand-drawn and illustrated spot to tease the show without using any footage, and cracked this campaign wide open.


    • Company: OpenRoad Design
    • Art Director: James Choi
    • Supervising Producer : Asheley Hu Roe
    • Producers: Mandy Mullarkey
    • Design: Shawn Lee, Jieyi Lee
    • Animation: Joseph Moon
    • llustration: Jieyi Lee
    • Writer: Laura Cryan
    • Sound:


Nancy Flashlight 60
Nancy Glass 60
Nancy Ouija 60

The Process

"Let's start at the beginning. How do you tell the story of Nancy Drew and and bring the story to life? Well, let us show you."

Design Explorations

"Our goal was the combine the 2d aesthetic of a painterly style with something much more immersive and dimensional."



"We've created a studio that is full of people who love to take on challenges and the CW handed us just that - and we topped it off with a creepy nursery rhyme."

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